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71st Fighter Squadron Patch on Fighter Jacket Question?

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I am fairly certain this patch is a 71st fighter squadron patch, but I have a couple questions.  


First off I guess am I correct in my identification?


Second does the patch and tag look legit?


Finally searching online I found from a muster roll that the guy named to this jacket could have been in the VMF-471 MAG-45.  Could that ever actually happen, being in the 71st and VMF-471?  I really do not know much about fighter squadrons.


Thank you

God Bless the USA

bomber jacket.jpg

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Pretty sure this in for the 4th Fighter Squadron. They changed the design after WW 2 but still use the old design to this day as a heritage patch on occasions. I can't tell you for sure about legitimacy as I avoid the leather stuff. Too complicated!




MSgt USAF (Ret)

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The leather patch is thick?


It looks right to me.


Did you get anything else with it?


Have you researched the name?


The contrast between that light blue of the patch and dark brown of the jacket can confuse you.


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Yes 4th Fighter Squadron. See here.





FYI . . .


Not 71st Fighter Squadron, as here.





Not VMF-471





Long-time collector of WWII Aviation: AAF, USN and USMC.




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