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Kriegsmarine Battle Flag 11th Armor Capture

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Nice battle flag part of an 11th Armor Division capture lot. Joseph Okunak was the name of the vet.  Looks like the flag took a bullet or shrapnel shot and looks like dried blood on the flag. The blood starts from where the hole is and Spreads from that point outward. There is another small hole where there is a similar stain coming from the hole, but it can’t be made out from the pics



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Here are some pics. Everything was in the cigar box except the binoculars and flag. The only thing I don’t have pictured is his ID bracelet. It’s a standard looking WWII bracelet with his name on it. I’ll upload the pics when I get homeD98406E9-98FD-4A64-A57E-0BF49993BA5D.jpeg.cc75c408638e03fee12099d5b6cd4af4.jpeg






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That is one nice find! Those DAK Bino's are super, worth some $$$. Everything looks good in your pics. That battle Flag shows a lot of character! I really like it.    Good job!

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Nice group. THe letter code (cag) for the maker I believe is Swarowski, D., Glasfabrik u. Tyrolit, Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. 


Didnt these binoculars just sell on ebay?


The Sand tan or tan yellow-Dunkel Gelb which was a Standard German RAL number paint but could vary in color.I read some place by 1943 the tanks and vehicles for the most part were all this color and then were  painted in the added camoflage colors(reds,greens,browns etc) 


In Memoriam:
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