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ww1 G.W. Malion wing


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any one interested?? #32400561291








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Very nice!

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5 hours ago, Gerradtgrant said:

Did the auction end? Can't seem to find it.

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It's a "G.W. Haltom" hallmarked badge...  There's a digit missing in his item number...  Check out ebay #324300561291 for additional...

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I love the Haltom wings.  I've seen (and have) them both hallmarked and unhallmarked.  Originally, they were screw back like the ones in this auction, but you frequently find them converted to pin back.  Not sure if that was done in the factory or if it is just a common jeweler modification made after they were purchased.  IIRC both of my examples have converted pin backs.


It is also likely that there were more than one die used to make these wings, as you can often times see very subtle differences in the feathering pattern in the shoulders, but that could also represent wear on the die over time. 


A very handsome wing and right now, the price isn't too crazy, although I suspect that wont last long!  LOL

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wow, it sold for over $2600!  Ive seen them sell for less than $1500 on ebay in the past (although that seems to be close to the average price I have seen on some of the premium militaria online sites).  Just goes to show you, you never know.

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