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USMC P41 Patch Pocket Trousers: Were they the first trouser variant issued to marines in WW2?

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I haven't been able to find much information on the USMC P41 "Third Pattern" trousers that had the patch pockets. There is only one post on the forum that shows a picture of these and the post only mentions they were the "Third Pattern". Does any one  know if the third pattern with the patch pockets was the first style to be issued to marines early in the war or were they issued along with the other variants (1st, 2nd patterns) around the same time? I'd greatly appreciate some input on this, as there is not much information about these trousers online and they don't seem to pop up as often as the other  1st, 2nd and 4th pattern variants.


I'll post some photos below that show this third pattern variant being worn throughout the war. Just thought I'd ask because Harlan Glenn's book and Grunt Gear make no mention as to if they were the earliest variant that was issued to the marines. There is also a Marine Corps document from WW2 that a forum member posted in the past that only mentions they were a third pattern variant. 







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I posted a similar question about the second pattern USMC P41 trousers.





There doesn’t seem to be any information on contract dates on any of the three patterns.  There was some discussion on the double layered waistband on the 1st pattern being either pre or post WWII.  Like yourself I would like to see contract dates.  My GUESS from viewing the pictures you posted and the date stamp on the pair I have is that we can assume the both the 2nd and 3rd patterns were used throughout the war.


I would be curious if yours have any manufacture markings on the inside.  Try using night vision camera to find out.  BTW your trousers are an excellent example of the square pocket variant and seem to be very hard to come across.




Thank you to all that have served our country and to your families that have sacrificed without your presence at home. Thank you to all that have given their lives for my freedom and to their families that suffer. May God bless you!

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Hi Craig, thanks for replying to the thread. The only thread on here I found on the third pattern trousers was this reference thread; that also was mentioned in your thread you attached: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5935-usmc-p1941-p1944-hbt-utility-trousers/&tab=comments#comment-36437  


According to the author of the thread, the third pattern P41 trousers didn't have size or maker marks. The third pattern pair that I posted above doesn't have any maker marks or size marks on the inside either.  The only mark is an old stamp from the western costume company. I agree that it would be nice to know which companies manufactured the different trouser variants.  I'll post more pictures of the inside of the trousers later.


Maybe there are no maker or size marks on the third pattern because all known examples have been issued and worn? It would be interesting if any forum members have mint pairs of these third pattern trousers that they could post to this thread for others to use as a reference and to confirm that they indeed had no size/maker markings.


It would be nice to know which variants were the first ones issued out to marines in 1941-1942, rather than just having to go on collector myths. I think its safe to say based on the photos that the third pattern variant was issued at least from mid 1942 through the end of the war.. It seems as if the patterns had nothing to do with the order of manufacture since the second pattern example you posted clearly says 1942 and there has been speculation on if the first pattern variant is a true WW2 example. Hopefully more people who are knowledgeable will comment and shed some light on this obscure topic. 







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Sounds like the classic example of collectors naming something totally incorrectly. Like “first pattern” USMC helmet covers not being the first pattern at all. 

Seems like if you can find pictures of these in use on the Canal that’s a pretty good argument they were the first, or one of the first and just a different manufacturer than the other variants. 

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