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Shield Badge Ervin Underhill 10th N.Y.Heavy Artillery


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  Twenty two year old Ervin Underhill enlisted on Aug. 8,1862 at Ellisburg New York in the 10th N.Y.H.A. That unit was assigned garrison duty in the forts guarding Washington D.C.  In March of 1864 when Gen. Grant was pulling the Heavy Artillery out of Washington in preparation for his overland campaign they were assigned to the 22nd Corps Army of the James. They served with that Army at Cold Harbor and Petersburg and were  in reserve at the explosion of the Petersburg Mine. Oddly they also participated in the battle of Cedar Creek , which is Sheridans Valley Campaign. It seems in Gen. Grants hurry to stop Gen. Early. the 10th being near City Point was sent ahead of the 6th Corps . After Cedar Creek they were returned to Bermuda Hundred and participated in the final assault on Petersburg. 
   This badge is engraved on a die stamped silver blank there are similar badges with “War of1861” impressed along the bottom edge in my opinion these were made by S.M. Ward , a N.Y.City production jeweler. Handsomely engraved I like it because of the crossed cannon. Artillery badges seem to be rare. 
   I could only find his wife’s “Widows Pension “ form and it looks like Ervin died on May 1, 1920 and his wife Mariah passed away on Dec. 18, 1928.    Mike



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