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Opinions needed on a uniform

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Hi everyone,

I recently picked up this uniform from a local antique mall. I was wondering could I get peoples opinions on this.  I am not sure if I agree on this uniform and the guy being overseas 3 years total. 


I have id this uniform to Harvey L Rates of Oshkosh Wi. I actually met this man and had the pleasure of talking with him about the war. I am not sure I just agree with what is on his uniform is all.


Thanks for all your help and opinions 






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He has 4 battle stars on his eto ribbon, I don't think the 63rd div was in 4 campaigns. He might have been in another unit before the 63rd. He might have been national guard?, What's his full serial number? I look his name up on enlistment records, he was drafted not sure where the hash mark came from. No date given for enlistment. This is a head scratcher

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It is quite possible that he had that amount of time in theater. Remember, overseas bars could be earned from December 1941 through 1946! He could have picked up one or two during the occupation period.


I think the uniform is just fine.



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This is a puzzle for sure. His "combat" patch is the Sixth Army Group, which only formed in the summer of 1944. His service in the 63rd Infantry Division therefore seems to have been, perhaps, on occupation duty. He likewise has the American Defense ribbon, which, as I understand it, indicates pre-war service, and might account for some of his overseas bars. Interesting jacket.

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Thanks everyone for the great responses. I was very confused by this uniform as well. I didn't think of Iceland service or England. I was just researching the 63rd infantry division.  Makes sense though,  



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Since he served in combat with the  six army group it makes sense that he has  4 battle stars the 63rd had 3 battle stars and A company 253 only had 2 so he earned 2 with the 6th army group it also looks like he was overseas for a year to a year and a half before he joined A Company. on Aug 24 1945  he along with 75 other men transferred out of the 63rd he ended up in the 251st sig. the uniform looks good if you ever want to sale it let me know.

Looking for anything related to 2nd Battalion 253rd Infantry 63rd Infantry Division!!









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