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Fourregeres, proper way to wear them?

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I am sure there is a proper way to wear a Fourregere but I have seen photos of different ways.


Some WWII photos show them under the armpit, others over.  

If a soldier qualified for three (Belgium, Holland, and the Croix de Guerre) would they all be on his left shoulder or not?

If anyone has some photos feel free to post them!



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A fourragere is always worn on the left shoulder, passing under the armpit. The one that Gen. Erskine is wearing has two extra loops, which are to be worn over the shoulder, with the main cord running under the armpit. The loops indicate the wearer was serving with the cited unit during the period it was cited for. Anyone joining the unit later would wear the fourragere with out the two extra loops.


During, and just after, WWII, it was pretty common to see soldiers who had earned both the French and Belgian fourrageres wearing one on each shoulder. And, if they also wore the Dutch lanyard, it was usually on the left shoulder. 


I'm not sure when the regulations were put in place, but the regulation for them is that all fourrageres are to be worn on the left shoulder. Also, the wear of fourrageres with the two loops was also done away with. I attached a picture of Gen. George E. Pickett wearing both the French Medaille Militaire and the Belgian fourrageres. Sorry for the poor quality. It was the best I could find.

Gen. George E. Pickett, Sr..png

Jeff C.

USMF Member #2275

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Jeff, thanks for the info.  I’m glad you pointed out Gen. Erskine’s fourregere - I didn’t realize it was just one... I thought he was wearing two different ones.

Great  info also on the wearing of two loops.



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