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Not mine yet!

I have been after this collection for over a year thinking it was all original photos, instead it turns out to be news letters & a few books/pamphlets. But, some autographed by "A" day pilot Swancutt & bombider Wood also 2x covers signed by crew as well as ground crew.


I found another cover signed by crew but not including ground crew. Looking for a fair value offer.


Other items shown below6973506157259b60f51b286dfb67820a.jpgbe1ab7ca78d27621e15c9588c96da909.jpgdb2b8e620fb20581aef1e3429ae253c6.jpg52980cd6bf0521f2ae45536504e4ca07.jpgdae882dbbcd67fd88cd8c80ec775338f.jpgd070de93fd57d32a54a65bb7838d40ca.jpgf8e3971a61ce7300333650173db17428.jpgfbcd828de45a3eb9471050b5f9159ca0.jpga092158ea2b30c743f4b6b0282881b70.jpg9db6d1a6925a0750520caa15384379b6.jpg1ce90ab5e95efa7922f5427a81909ded.jpgd2e0b451b211de12e699ab5dfab34168.jpgbfda14be45e8af94e4362d1a57a74537.jpg7c3239e6a4074dc3fd93ab7b768b3b29.jpg39f75845437b7680138edcddb9e23765.jpg17029f80ddfec914c69b53d4cd619c3a.jpge921f515c7f83e296106bc55cc978c6d.jpg468569d367853efc844f2e3ad75133b9.jpg461f127336235afb815316e2f54ed9cd.jpg1f77c1d59d389cc30e8fa2d9b4398e0c.jpg


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