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World War I vet's Imperial German bringbacks in ammo box

Bob Hudson

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This veteran of the 115th Engineers sent home what the family said they thought was a grenade box: there is very clear writing inside the box lid, but I haven't tried yet to have it translated. 











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These came direct from his daughter so until today they'd been in the family for over 100 years. There are also photo albums.

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Kurt Barickman

Really neat pickup! Been many years since I have stumbled upon a box of WWI souvenirs and along with the US veteran's uniform items as well.



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Here's some more things from the box, including maps that have had paper backing attached to them to help protect them. The backing seems to have been on long enough that it too is getting rough on the folds. How common are official WWI theater maps like these?

















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12 hours ago, Doctorofwar said:

That’s a treasure chest indeed! 

According to the label the chest was for 10 model 1915 Wurfgranaten (pictured below)





Thanks. I found a website in French that has a lot of images of these. Here's an  excerpt from one including a launcher: 


Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 4.01.26 PM.png


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12 minutes ago, skypilot6670 said:

Great stuff. Thanks for posting.  Mike


It's one of the more interesting unboxings I've done: most of the Imperial German Prussian stuff is new to me so I'm spending a lot of time on research, which mostly means trying to get translations of the old German writing on the medals, badges, etc. Some of those words as written bring up zero responses on Google. 

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The exterior of the grenade chest is pretty much all overpainted with his name and unit info.













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WOW. Very nice

Your label in the box are instructions for the Wurfgranaten 15.

It translates to:

Preparing the Throwing Grenade 15 

Unscrew the igniter

Insert detonator 

Screw on the igniter

Put the grenade on the shooting stick/post

Loosen the ribbon loop on the linch pin

Pull out the pin

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Almost forgot about the two rusted bayonets and the one lone scabbard: the one of the left is a WWI ersatz Bayonet with scabbard and the other is a WWI S98/05 bayonet marked for Mundlos & Co. and  Hartkopf Solingen.


















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That is an amazing box of history! Great that you have that cool photo of the soldier to go with his fantastic bringbacks!



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