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Iconic Marine Photo WWII

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I just found this one, a colorized photo of a photo off FB's WW2 Colourised Photos, I first seen it years, years and years ago in that 70s WWII LIFE Book, never knew who he was, we know now, and know about the other two men in the photo.


Pfc. Faris "Bob" M. Tuohy (born 1924) from Ohio, a US Marine with the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Marine Regiment, sips a cup of well-earned coffee alongside his fellow Marines aboard the mess deck of transport ship USS Arthur Middleton (APA-25) after surviving the two day fight for Engebi Island in the Enewetak Atoll, during the Battle of Enewetak. Engebi, Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands. February 19, 1944.

USS Arthur Middleton history extract for February 19, 1944:

"The securing of Engebi went well and mopping up operations were in progress before nightfall. Five Japanese prisoners were brought aboard and the transport also received a total of 76 Marine casualties aboard by evening."

Like much of the combat in the Pacific, the fight for this tiny island was a brutally violent affair, evident in the expressions and appearance of these three survivors. To the right of Bob Tuohy is Pfc. Stephen Garboski 399460 (born 1921) from Ringoes, New Jersey. He would be killed in action during the Battle of Guam in July 23, 1944, believed to have been a victim of friendly fire from an USAAF aircraft. The unnamed man in the center of the photo is thought to have died on Okinawa in 1945. Bob Tuohy survived the war. He married Ruth Tavenner and according to online records, both are still alive today.


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He aged a lifetime in those two years

Sgt Jesse 'Jeff Nasty' Balthaser; Sgt John P Huling; Cpl Carlos 'Gilo Monster' Gilorozco; Cpl Stephen C 'Socks' Sockalosky; LCpl Joshua A 'Scottie' Scott; LCpl Jason Lee 'Birdman' Frye; LCpl Nicolas B Morrison; LCpl Jon T Hicks; LCpl Osbrany 'Oz' Montes De Oca; Pvt Lewis T D Calapini; 'The SOI 5'

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