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Ordnance Experts: What Are These?

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I recently picked these up and need help ID'ing them. They are made of a dense styrofoam-like material, similar to what you see in military drop cases. The fuses are made of resin rather than metal. On each shell is a label that reads "ASC FT SILL OK 6 Jan 86." Additionally, there are about 9 pin-sized holes poked into the bottom of each shell.


I think it's safe to assume these came from Ft. Sill but what were they used for? Any ideas what they're worth?






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Training aids or display pieces at the fort? I found some similar fake but decent looking WW2 mortar rounds a few years back...carved from wood with metal fins attached. They look good and always wondered if they were for training or maybe a bored GI.


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Army post TASC’s collectively produce(ed) a lot of training aids, but they are often kept on hand for many years. Not terribly rare, but high quality and some of the few dummies/replicas that are still legitimate military items. Very cool. 

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