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753rd or 77th Tank Bn. DUIs.

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Can any of you guys determine the age/vintage if these DUIs?  According to the TIOH, this design was approved in 1942 for the 753rd Tank Bn.  After the war the 753rd was redesignated as the 77th Tank Bn. Based on the Meyer hallmark, I think these are  post war, what are your thoughts.









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Definitely post-war, you are right the M22 hallmark is post-war. Another way you can tell is that it is a clutchback pin. While there are some US and theater made DUI pins that date to ww2 these are rarely encountered and this is not one.  



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These will date from 1965 to 1974, Meyer 22M shield comes out, and after that date Made In USA must now be put on these.


The post 1974 22M  Meyers, here the 329th Regiment, 70th Division (Training) USAR.


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