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Captain Robert N. Eagle 2nd U.S. Cavalry, Patent Model of a Saddle


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Robert N. Eagle was born in New York on October 23, 1818. He served as a volunteer in the war with Mexico, as a Private in Co. E, Captain Archers 1st Regiment of Virginia Volunteers on December 15, 1846. He was transferred to Captain Mears Company of Arkansas Cavalry in February of 1848. He served for the duration of the war under Captain Mears and was honorably discharged at Camargo in June 1848. Eagle was later appointed a First Lieutenant in the newly formed Second Cavalry (Jeff Davis’s Own) on March 3, 1855.  Secretary of War Davis filled the cavalry regiment with southerners, under the command of Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston and later Robert E. Lee, the regiment’s officers included 12 future Confederate generals. After Texas became a state, the 2nd Cavalry was sent to guard the Texans from the fierce Comanche warriors who raided frontier settlements, stole horses and cattle, killed men and carried off women. Eagle was often engaged in combat with hostile Comanche’s. At Small Creek, a tributary of the Nescutunga, near Fort Atkinson, Texas, on the 13th of May, 1859, Eagle was commended by General Winfield Scott in the official report for conspicuous gallantry and energy, and complimented in orders. Eagle served until the l5th of January, 1862, when he resigned his commission The 2nd Cavalry fought in a total of thirteen Indian Campaigns. He died on August 31, 1890 in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is buried in the National Cemetery at Wilmington, North Carolina.






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That is excellent. Paten models are great and that one is rich with history. With all the people that are equestrian collectors and that being collectible on several fronts it puts it in a class far above most.  That is amazing , again thanks Dick for posting these great items. Mike

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