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Purple Heart ribbon bar & USMC GCM repair

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I purchased a Marine’s medals and just the fabric is left of his PH ribbon bar as well as his GCM is missing the pin and the little connecting loop that attached the medal to the rifle. Any suggestions on how the restore the ribbon bar and GCM?  Any help is appreciated. 







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It appears you're missing the ribbon bar. The length of ribbon is just that, an extra piece of ribbon often included with medal sets for use in custom made ribbon bars and sets of ribbons. It should not be too difficult to find a correct period replacement ribbon bar.

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The USMC Good Conduct Medal looks like the newer type that would have a crimp brooch. Those are easy to find. You could either look for an individual brooch or buy another modern inexpensive medal and remove the brooch and use it on your medal. The latter option would also supply you with a ring for the medal.

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