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5th Pennsylvania Infantry, Span-Am Insignia - help

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Just picked this up this morning. Best guess it is Span-Am era. Any ideas on value? It doesn't fit my collection, bought it with a bunch of other items. I believe this is the unit:


It is 2 1/2" wide, so I presume for a cover (hat).



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These surplus 1896 pattern hat/cap devices were a common militaria dealer catalog item  - and may still be as far as I know.  I've seen these with a variety of regimental number / company letter combos, as well as different colored keystone inlays. The are attractive but fall into a period with less interest than the civil war and the world wars. Price wise they tended to be pretty nominal - a couple deades ago you could buy them for around $10 to 20 or so, but today, perhaps a gander on ebay or similar will give you a more up to date value. 

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