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Theater-made Ranger tab?

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I agree.  Heavily washed, ironed and otherwise beaten.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
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of the Vietnam War



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Actually I do have a bag of other tabs and assorted stuff, so is there a ressource I can use to date these things? For instance, you said mine is an early example, what is the time frame for that? I might try to go back and look at some of my patches, so any website that would give me that info would be very helpful.


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I believe the ranger tab was authorized for wear in 1950.  I'm only going by what I've seen in the past with the bottom two ranger tabs on early OD fatigues and OD patrol caps.   There was a dual tab with RANGER above and AIRBORNE below worn by some of the Ranger Companies during the Korean War.  I understand that a number of Rangers cut the dual tab in half keeping the RANGER arch for wear while disposing of the AIRBORNE arch.  I don't know when the top tab came about with the thicker border and lettering as the bottom two tabs were still being worn into the Vietnam War. 



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I found these photos on the Internet of the lower two tabs being worn during what looks like (exposed button jungle jacket & 3 prong M-16 flash hider) early Vietnam War by a ranger qualified 82nd Airborne Division sergeant.   Later in the war you also see merrowed edged ranger tabs being worn.  I found photos of how the top (thicker border and lettering) tab was packaged and sold by NS Meyer.  I wonder if these different cut edged ranger tabs were just manufacturing variants and worn during the same time frame?





Tabs in Package.jpg

Tabs in Package1.jpg

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