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Period Pic; First Airborne Task Force Overseas Cap Patch

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I thought this picture was very interesting and wanted to share. It shows the red/white glider overseas cap patch often attributed to the First Airborne Task Force in use by 1LT Anthony Vetrano. Vetrano served in the 907th GFAB, 101st Airborne Division and spent time as a POW. There is sometimes debate about the wartime use of this patch....but here it is. Vetrano had no association with the 1st ABTF that I'm aware of. The red color makes sense for a GFAB though.

Vetrano 907th GFAB.jpg

I will pay top dollar for original WWII items pertaining to:



OSS Maritime Unit



Scouts and Raiders


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Great eye for detail as I believe you are correct.  The officer's branch of service collar insignia being artillery would make sense for a red colored gliderborne cap patch.  Here are photos of the cap patch in question.  



1st Abn.jpg

1st Abn1.jpg

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