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Hello everyone, I'm Gauthier from Taverny, France (near Paris)🙂.

Nickname Vark, tribute to the mighty F-111 'cause I've been a huge military aviation fan since my youngest years (I'm 35 now), compulsive ww2 and jet modeler during my teenage years (80+ 1/72 scale kits that sleep today in my parents' attic), and as a grown person slowly collecting pilot helmets and planes-related equipment for the past 2 years given the opportunities I get - and what my wallet allows me to. Aside from grabbing various helmets to decorate my apartment, I also undertook to build a full-size USAF pilot dummy (circa 90-2000, pretty wide time span but it's an expensive and really narrow market in Europe, so I do with what I find) with all his flight gear.

For now, all the gear I own is US, and since I've found many valuable informations and pictures in the recent past on this forum during my searchs, I quite naturally decided to join this community to share the few I know, pictures of my collection of course, post some queries and opinions maybe, and most of all, learn from everyone I'd have the pleasure to discuss with !


See you soon and have a great weekend.

Gauthier / Vark_07



PS : For those who may wonder, my avatar doesn't show me or a dummy, but my daughter who enjoyed disguising herself as a jet pilot when I got my HGU-55 helmet 😄 (she was 6 at that time).


PS² : Sorry in advance for any grammar or vocabulary mistake I would make, I'm talking mostly what I call "internet / movie English" ;).


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Welcome aboard.Here is some of my bad french,Bienvenue!

Do not be shy.Ask all the questions you like.As you know there is a wealth of knowledge here.

My mer'e was from Nancy,a war bride.

Stay safe,Bob







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Thank you all for this warm welcome, makes me feel already at home ;).


On 9/12/2020 at 6:51 PM, 72psb said:

My mer'e was from Nancy, a war bride.

That's a nice story to hear, Bob. I studied 3 years in Metz myself, not far from Nancy ; a couple of friends lived in this city and still do, so I know the region pretty well. Hope you had the chance to fly to France and visit this town, it's a nice place to see (and to stay).

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