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Question RE Veterans Corps Badge


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Hi all,


Saw this for sale on the horse soldier. Is there a specific name for this kind of corps badge? And are there any publications that say anything about it? Seller is asking 460$ but I haven’t found any others to compare to


Thanks in advance,

Kyle 268e24dfc13c8bbd3a09e1ee1c5fe869.jpg



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Kyle I don’t know of any specific name for this style of corps badge. If there were a name I think the folks at “The Horse Soldier “ would have included it in there description. I’ve dealt with the Small family for many years , they have handled many badges and I consider them very knowledgeable. I also checked “Civil War Corps Badges and Other Related Awards” by Stanley Philips and did not find this badge mentioned.   Mike


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The Eagle and "U.S.A" have a very late 19th/ early 20th century look to them, so probably a reunion/ GAR event item from that time period.



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