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WW1 Half moon clip pouch, Cavalry?


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Bought this off of ebay. Needed one to go with my Colt 1917. I know the pouch itself is authentic, but not sure about the Calvary markings on the back. Are they real?


Thanks, Scott




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Markings look good to me and the number under it is probably the soldiers company number (roster), looks like it is ID'd faintly with ASN also?









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  • Charlie Flick changed the title to WW1 Half moon clip pouch, Cavalry?

Yes, it looks like there is an ASN # very faintly. Thanks for pointing that out, I was not sure what that was either.



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Marked like that I think it's for Company D, 308th Machine Gun Battalion. The MG company of an infantry regiment marking would be crossed rifles with the regiment number above and "MG" below.

The 308th MG BN was part of the 78th Division.

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