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Round Troop Carrier bullion patch SSI that just sold


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This seller is the one that sells all kinds of "test" or "experimental" color patches that are FE of 101st, 82nd, Special Forces, etc...


To be fair it was listed as WW2/Post War. Sold for $230. I would think 1970s Paki?


If you want to see a real round variation of this patch (crazyrare), maybe Vance will show his. You can see it on his facebook page too. 

1 front.jpg

2 rev.jpg


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It’s junk, can’t believe someone really bid that much. 

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Looks like another seller now has it for sale at a substantially higher price https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-WW2-ITALIAN-MADE-BULLION-AAF-AIRBORNE-TROOP-CARRIER-GLIDER-PATCH/383751196447?hash=item59595a8f1f%3Ag%3A3IQAAOSwQgVfej28&LH_BIN=1








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I think this topic is pretty far off base. The OP is definitively NOT paki in any manner whatsoever. Paki patches have usually black/purplish-blue paper backs. There is no paper on the back of this patch. In fact the back of this patch shows textbook Italian workmanship. The bullion work is very similar to many 15th Air Force bullion patches. Those patches are made in Italy as well. 

Moreover, the piece shown in post #4 is being represented as the piece the original post piece is supposed to represent. This is wrong. Post #4 is a jacket patch. This patch is roughly shoulder patch sized. I have seen two others over the years on overseas caps and even own one of them. Unfortunately, because I packed everything up evacuating for a wildfire last week, I haven't a clue where it is or when I'll find it. 

I think the forum should be fully aware that there is at least two or three people pumping super fakes, but their workmanship is not like this. I would suggest studying some of the "exotic" tank destroyer patches that have "magically" appeared over the last 5-7 years or the oddly machine made constab patches that never showed up until the last few years. No one has addressed that suddenly in the last ten years the population of Chinese made SACO patches has doubled if not tripled, same thing for Chinese OSS patches. Whoever is making the Chinese SACO and OSS fakes is the best faker on the planet as far as I am concerned and unless you have a known original or extensive knowledge they are very very extremely difficult to tell. This is what keeps me up at night. The OP never even garnered a second thought.  



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Just asking,could this be Paki made but just that the black paper is missing or purposely remove.The bullion work does not look Italian at all to me and infact looks crude and the exposed back of the patch does not look like any Italian back I have seen and have to very respectfully disagree.

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1 hour ago, mortaydc60 said:

Just asking,could this be Paki made but just that the black paper is missing or purposely remove.The bullion work does not look Italian at all to me and infact looks crude and the exposed back of the patch does not look like any Italian back I have seen and have to very respectfully disagree.


And here is where I will disagree with you.


There are many Italian made pieces that have black oilskin like paper backing.


The way I am reading your statement is that because the paper was removed it is and can only be Pakistani.


There have been a lot of claims lately with no backup claiming things are fake, some of the people making the comments are names respected in the patch collecting communities, and some young collectors are blindly following them. No reason why they are fake, just saying they are fake.


I am a firm believer that if you call something out as a fake be prepared to back it up with proof, not just your words. When I tell someone something is not real, I back it up with when it was made, and usually by who, if I can.


By the way, here is a black paper backed Italian made bullion 15th Air Force.





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Yes Bob you are correct that there are some Italian made with black oilskin backing. Problem here is we do not know what the backing was on this particular example and I never suggested that because there is no paper it must be Paki made and a stretch to even suggest. My big concern is actually the bullion work;to me it is not even close to WW2 quality standards and even looks amateurish. On top of all of this it looks like it was made yesterday. I am aware that some give an opinion without explanation;if you notice I just agreed with anothers statement as to item being real. Just the fact that there is disagreement on an item is helpful to group so that it gives pause on whether it would be a smart purchase now or in future. Believe that most would rather have conscience when making a purchase, especially a large one, and opinion from respected members ,yes even if wrong are not a bad thing. Havent yet  meet anyone who was always right.

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