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Unknown Anchor / Cross Pin - Navy unit?

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I can't find anything like this online... The anchor along with the numbers look like military to me, but I could be wrong. The pin bears the WWII or earlier hallmark from Gordon B. Miller of Cincinnati on the reverse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Semper Fi, 

Tom Lantz





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I just jumped down that rabbit hole... Seems the U.S. version always an eagle on top of the anchor, and the British / Canadian Royal Sea Cadets have a crown on top. Still searching this one... Thanks for the new direction, Patches.


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2 hours ago, Old Marine said:

This is just a guess, I have no idea what they are but, but the design and the characters at the bottom look Japanese to me.  

good luck identifying them



I had the exact same thought...the anchor looks very "Japanese" to me...

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I agree with all of you... My first thought was foreign as well, but was thrown off with the early Gordon Miller of Cincinnati, Ohio makers mark. Not saying they couldn't have produced a foreign insignia, but that just wasn't the norm back in the day.... I did a little research on Gordon B. Miller & Co., and it looks like they were in business from about 1930 to 1990, when they were bought out by Josten, so that doesn't really narrow down the date...


And to answer "manayunkman" the second pin came in a mixed lot with every branch of US service represented with dates ranging from WWII through Vietnam. The first one - the one with the makers mark I've had for maybe a decade or so in my "unknown" box.


Fingers still crossed on this one.



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