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Recently picked up this framed certificate from Fort Benning, for something called a "Buddy Seat jump".  I'm not really an 

Airborne guy, so thought some of our more experienced Airborne collectors could tell me just what I have.  Era?  The bright spots are not tears in the certificate, just some background glare. Many thanks.




IMG_5556.jpg.42edc47ec029269343ab3c3ad14975c7.jpgIMG_5557.jpg.786354dc41a5d33542050f968f17b05b.jpg Airborne guy so thought

Always looking for 4th Fighter Group and 490th Bomb Group items.






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As best I understand it, the jump towers at Fort Benning were originally a carnival ride that came with two seats.  By the time I went to jump school (70s) the jump towers had been arranged to drop a single soldier in a parachute harness.  This certificate was likely given out at an Armed Forces Day or some other day when civilians came on post to see the various things the Army had on display. 


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