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I think this helmet shell has all the correct features of a Schlueter, but there is no heat stamp or S anywhere I can find (and I’ve examined this everywhere under strong light and magnification). Not that there needs to be another post about a Schlueter, but thought I’d share.









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Yep, definitely a Schlueter. Even without the heat stamp, looking at the shape of the bails, the rim weld marks (circle instead of oval) and the overall shape of the shell will indicate which manufacturer it is. Looks to be in nice condition.


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Thx for the reply. It is in very nice condition. I’ve had it for 30+ years and was just getting around to documenting the heat lot numbers of my shells. It came with a very nice CAPAC liner



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I've always found it interesting how there's a large amount of later war schlueters that always show up it mint or practically unused condition.

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When I was actively collecting many years ago, I didn’t know one maker from another. Other than painted or having some other special features, I just picked up the nicest examples I could find or afford.

That said, I ended up with three FS Schlueters; two FB and one SB. All are in the condition of the one I posted. The heat lot on the other FB (from the estate of an Army Air Force dentist) is 39A. The SB heat lot is 179 with no alpha suffix that I can see. The SB shell has darker OD straps and black steel hooks.

I believe all very standard configuration.

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Very nice one! Anyway, there can't be enough posts about Schlueters 😉



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fb Schlueters are rare birds in any condition. After a while you'll be able to spot a Schlueter just by looking at the shape of the shell, the curve in the rim is way less pronounced. 





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