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Did this General receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom


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Basic Rifleman

It stated in some of your later listings after receiving flak here that there was no confirmation from "official Government sources" Edmondson was a General. Maybe don't put "Attributed to Army Lieutenant General..." in the title of every single listing if you have doubts or need to qualify the title with a disclaimer. 


The below is an exact cut and paste from one of your earlier (November 9th 2020) listings that mentions nothing to the contrary that Edmondson was anything other than a 3 star General in the U.S. Army:


"Robert W. Edmondson was a Lt. Colonel and chaplain in the CAP as well as a Lt. General and chaplain in the army. I bought a large collection of his things at an auction in Pittsburgh, Pa. where he was a bishop of a Lutheran denomination. He graduated for Norwich University and Bloomfield college divinity school. He went into the army and became an officer after Engineer OCS. He later became 82nd Airborne HQ chaplain, served as a Presidential advisor and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General. Watch my other auctions for more items from this man including medals and uniforms."


The above listing was posted on eBay more than a month after forum members here debunked this guys status as a U.S. Army General, and legitimate recipient of many of the badges and medals you sold.


For you to say "Nobody was fooled here" seems like an admission of guilt to me... I'm not worried about most forum members, as they obviously have the resources and tools necessary to make an informed buying decision. My concern is only for new collectors that may not understand that "U.S. Army Lieutenant General" really means "U.S. Service Command Chaplain General who wears army clothes with tons of badges he never earned." It's the future of this hobby we should be concerned about here. Every fake, forged, or miss-attributed item that hits the market today, will re-enter the market in the future. 


And... saying "nobody tried to keep the group together" as more proof that your miss-representing these items didn't fool anyone either is just sad. There were many items - mainly badges and medals that sold for several times their value because of their "attribution" to a three star Army General. 


I'm not "unhappy" as you posted above, I just want any perspective buyers of the items currently listed, or those who've already purchased items and do the research later to find this site and know who they're dealing with: A guy with over 14,000 posts on the best militaria forum on the internet that chose not to heed the advice of many experienced collectors in favor of making a few bucks on eBay - mostly at the expense of newer, inexperienced collectors... 






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That description came after contact with Norwich U. and then I came to my senses and added more to the description.

If you are right the stuff should have gone through the roof.


But it didn’t.


The buyers knew what they were buying as I gave them the information they needed.


The items sold for the price they were worth without the story.


As far as making a few bucks it’s more like loose a few bucks.










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