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Unknown WWII Parachute and Pack

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I bought this parachute w/ pack at an estate auction a few years ago. The estate had WWII items from two family members; one served in the army in Europe, the other on a destroyer in the navy in the Pacific. When I bought this I thought it was Japanese because of its crude construction. However, there are no Japanese markings, the paper insert reads "packed June 15, 1942". The only other markings are on the parachute and are just numbers, numbering the cords. I didn't completely unfold the parachute but there is nothing on the pack at all. It is small...the pack measures only 7" x 9" with two loops to attach it to???? This small I'm thinking signal or rations chute or??? The parachute is also cotton, not silk. Again it is very rude and has almost no markings. Any thoughts? Anything similar to this construction of markings to help ID at least the country?









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