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Kind of an odd request but was curious if there are any WWII vets on here or any that people know still around that would be willing to talk for a couple minutes? All of my relatives of WWII have passed and would like to just reach out and speak to as many as I can, I know there are not alot of the greatest generation left, whatever anybody can do would be much appreciated!

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i feel your pain


check on my neighbor in april, daughter would not let me see or talk to him due to the virus, vet of ww2, code breaker army

check a couple days on other neighbor ww2 navy pacific, he is still sharp at 100, also a pain in the rump, for as long as i know him, 29 years, but does not talk to outsiders other than family  i know a few more, but the virus has put them into seclusion


you are searching for hens teeth, sorry to say

but good luck, it is the search and the roads we travel that makes up life


semper fi

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Unfortunately there aren't too many around anymore, pretty sad. I've been in contact with two ETO Vets over the last few years, one from my Dad's squad and another from his Battalion. One just recently passed sadly, he was an amazing man who was still pretty independent with a great mind and memory for his age. The other one is doing ok overall, just dealing with some health issues like anyone else that age. He's not one that likes to talk to strangers though or do interviews, otherwise I would pass on his information. Both have been amazing resources for me in understanding the day to day stuff my Dad went through, random things I always wondered about that you can't find in "official" sources. 

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