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WW2 23rd Infantry Americal Div. Uniform. w/ Guadalcanal Patch

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   This recently came out of a long time very old collection. The question I have is what is the significance of the Guadalcanal patch on the left sleeve? Obviously this vet served on the island, but is this unofficial? Was it a patch that was officially sanctioned for wear on the uniform by the Army for 23rd Guadalcanal vets? If so were only certain regiments allowed to wear it?


Thanks, John




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That patch is for the 2nd Marine division. I have seen a couple of other army uniforms that have a cuff patch like that when the Vet had previous service with the marines on Guadalcanal. It looks like a cool jacket and a nice addition. I am sure another member will be able to tell you more. 



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I figured it out. I'm pretty sure that the wearer of this uniform was artillery attached to the 164th Infantry regiment that went into action along the Marines at Guadalcanal. All the uniforms I have found on the net with the Americal and Guadalcanal patches are 164th Infantry Regiment.  Thanks

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