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Pearl Harbor Radar Operator Autograph

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Here is my latest acquisition. It is a 4x6" photo. The autograph (Joseph L Lockard) is by one of the two Army Privates manning the radar

site on Oahu called Opana Point in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. They detected the Japanese airplanes heading for Pearl Harbor at 7:02 AM
and reported it up the chain of command. They were told the radar reflections were probably the B-17's that were expected from California
that day. The officer said, in effect, "Forget it." The first bomb was dropped at 7:55 AM, so they could have had a 53 minute advance warning.


The photo is a copy of a Japanese photo which is believed to show the first bomb dropped on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the attack. This picture
was found at Yokusuka Base, Japan by a US photographer's mate at the end of the War. A Japanese plane is shown pulling out of a
dive near the bomb eruption (center).




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