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Convex Expert Marksman WW2 period?


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Trying to find out if this is a WW2 (or pre-WW2) badge. 

It’s convex (curve) shaped, giving it a more 3D appearance. 

Not visible is the Small “sterling” mark underneath the pin. 

It has a “RIFLE” bar which is unmarked....

Is this a period example, or something from the 50s?

Any info is appreciated, thanks!!!




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Thanks Reforger!! Having it in-hand, I can definitely tell that it’s old. 

Interestingly I’ve not come across any convex examples, they must be rarer...

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I am betting this is a do it yourself job. You can do this by making an indentation in pitch or sand and placing the badge face down on it and pressing the badge into it. The pin looks like it was removed to do it and notice the point of the pin extends past the catch caused by the badge being slightly narrower from bending it.

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