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Volume II of the multi-volume series on the battle of Belleau Wood is now available


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Good afternoon everyone, I am very happy to announce that Volume II of multi-book I have been worked on for years entitled, "Among the Ranks of the Carrion Men: The Epic Story of the Thirty-Six-Day Fight in and around Belleau Wood," is now available. It is available through the publisher, Amazon. Volume I, which was released in 2018, covered the Aisne defensive from May 27 through June 5th.  Volume II is entirely devoted to June 6, 1918, which became the costliest day for the Marine Corps to that point in history.  Volume II looks at the attack on Hill 142 in very descriptive moment by moment detail.  It also devotes over 100 pages to the attack by 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines on the western edge of Belleau Wood as well as the assault by 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines on the southern edge of the woods.  The attack on Bouresches is also covered as is the costly advance of the 23rd Infantry.  This book includes a vast amount of information about the 3rd Brigade as well as the engineers and artillery brigade of the 2nd Division—a body of troops that rarely gets their just due for their sacrifice in a battle that overwhelmingly highlights the Marine Corps.  Like volume I, the second volume tells the story from the perspective of the men who fought it.  It is a 25-meters front and flank perspective told from the accounts of the Marines, Soldiers and Sailors, many of these accounts have never been heard before. The book encompasses the entirety of the battle from both Marines and Soldiers. For those who are interested in reading it, I really hope you enjoy it. It has been a very very long road of research balancing a career as a high school teacher full time, an adjunct history instructor at night and contending with a 20 month old son who is determined to move the house off its foundation, but I was blessed to be surrounded by a wife and other family members who understood how important this was to me and encouraged me. A lot of folks here on the forum have also been very helpful and encouraging in this endeavor.  The rest of the battle is in the works in later volumes. Below are the links to the book as well as a link to a rerelease of volume I which has a new cover to better match volume II.  (I was not pleased with how the cover came about in volume I). Again I really hope you all enjoy this book it was a labor of love and I am so very proud to make my small contribution to telling the stories of these great men.

Semper Fi



The link for Volume II is below:



The link for the updated cover version of Volume I is below:


Book cover.jpg

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Kevin, I have been waiting anxiously for this since I finished reading volume I. I just placed my order. For anyone interested in WWI Marine history, volume 1 is a must read, and I can only assume volume II will be the same. I have never read an account of battle told quite this way, so well researched and literally through the eyes that lived it. Thank you Kevin for your devotion to telling this story. Cant wait to get volume two in my hands. Best, Kevin

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