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VB-104 Printed Patch

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I've got a new process I'm using to reproduce period printed patches. In most cases I'm re-mastering original patches and trying to retain all details as far as size and cut...almost indistinguishable from the originals because they are a direct facsimile. I standardized the substrate with a little variation here and there as they seem almost endless with original period patches. Most of the time with originals, the back fabric differs in color and texture from the last so I'm guessing there was no real milspec to be concerned about. That being said, the basic overall look and feel was my goal and I'm pretty happy with the results. Notice the Chinese character "Chop" on the back, It's my name in period correct Mandarin. I've got another that states "Made in USA" as kind of an inside joke but at the end of the day it's my inconspicuous way of marking as repros. I've handled enough original oil cloth, impregnated canvas, whatever you choose to call them to know the untrained eye could mistaken for an original and that most certainly is not my intention. They are printed using high end equipment with pigment based inks, not your every day home printer. The printed images will stand the test of time, they'll wear and tear just like the real deal. I can also age them to look the vintage part as well...



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Here's another, likely a 50's version of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) The size is 5" wide as per the original that just sold on Ebay. It had a sticky back for application, my repro does not just to keep thins simple. Side by side, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference...



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