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Field Rations

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Are these WW2, Korean War or Vietnam field rations? I thought the latter but a quick Google search seemed to suggest that the maker of one of the tins went out of business not liong after WW2. What do you think? Thanks

Aug 29, 2020 003.JPG

Aug 29, 2020 004.JPG

Aug 29, 2020 005.JPG

Aug 29, 2020 006.JPG

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From memory, manufacture date is Julian form. Your Pecan roll has the date. Three digits are Julian, first two digits year., I can not read your can numbers from the pics.

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US Military Guy

They look like the ones we ate in Basic in the late '70s.


Of course, that does not answer the question on how old they are . . . just when we ate them. 


So, yes, the "could" be Korea era.

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What exactly are the five digit numbers on them? Pics are not clear. The pecan roll looks like "62355", that would make it manufactured the 355th day of 1962.

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