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USMC map or dispatch case

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Nice score. Those are quite rare indeed; the weird thing about them is that the "U.S.M.C." stamp on the underside of the flap was applied with some kind of paint, instead of the normal indelible ink. I snagged one years ago with the stencil half gone (below, top right)- what was left would crumble if I rubbed it hard enough. I found another one with a complete stamp (lower), and I handle it very carefully 😁

I don't know why Hamel did these like that, but oh well...

Map Cases, Lite & Hamel '44 #3 USMFB.JPG

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Definitely worth 40 bucks, as there's no question that it's a Marine Corps Case (spring hooks on the Case instead of the strap)! And with an intact stencil, I'd say at least 60.👍

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