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Captain Charlie Fulton bird dog/helicopter pilot

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619472598.jpg.dac7d5df4c5e960b2005e7ea17a07554.jpgHere are some items I got at a moving auction. They belong to Captain Charlie Fulton. He is moving . I got a MA-1 intermediate flight jacket with patches, 2 Indian orange summer flight coveralls and a CWU-1 Albert Turner & CO. maker. A copy of a photo of him in his Cessna bird dog. He is keeping all his photos, medals etc.




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Just talked to him today. His first tour as pilot of a bird dog, he was in the 219th combat recon " Headhunters". He was headhunter 8. On his 2nd tour 68-69. helicopter pilot, flew A23G and OH-6A. I will take pictures of the 2 orange coveralls and the other one. Steve

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