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Large Lot of US Army Saddle Blanket Chevracs

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Hello.  I bought a large lot of insignias at auction.  A number of them are old US Army Saddle Blanket Chevracs.  See below photos.  As you can see, whoever owned these before removed the loops on reverse.  I have identified most of them, but have questions about the last three.  As follows:

1. Quartermaster Corps

2. Field Artillery

3. Coast Artillery

4. Inspector General

5. Judge Advocate General's Corps

6. Signal Corps

7. Engineering Corps

8. DON'T KNOW.  In a previous post from last month, this was IDed as a Sweetheart Badge.  But if you look at the size and the reverse, it looks like a Chevrac.  Any thoughts?

9. Aide to Major General QUESTION: is this a Chevrac?  It is too big to be a collar insignia.

10. Aide to Lieutenant General. SAME QUESTION





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Army Regulations refer to these as "Saddle Cloth Insignia".  9 and 10 are definitely saddle cloth insignia, and you have correctly identified them.  * is part of the saddle cloth insignia for a General Officer.  The attached photo comes from the 1908 uniform regulation plates.

1908-Saddle Cloth Insignia.jpg

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