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My collection after (roughly) a year

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Great collection!  I have been collecting DIs for several years.  I like screwbacks and pinbacks.  Across all branches.

If I find a nice one, I buy it.  The fun part is finding them in the weirdest paces.  For example with jewelry at flea markets.

Also, in non-militaria categories on ebay.  The hunt is the fun part.  I just found a 52nd CA D

ondero screwback on ebay.

It was under the Transportation, Railroad and Train category in Collectibles.  I guess because of the steam engine

on the DI.  Thanks for sharing your collection.


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Thank you. I agree the search is part of what I like most about collecting DI.  I feel like with patches it is really hard to locate new rare patches but comparatively easy to find rare DI for reasonable prices.  The only really great one that I have found in person is the hand carved Persian Gulf DI, but there are a surprising number of really great ones on eBay that go misidentified and overlooked. This 725th ROB pin which is one of the best in my collection was found on eBay under the trains category. Several of my new discoveries such as the Camp Crowder DI also came from eBay for as little as .99$. eBay is really great hunting grounds if you know what you are looking for.


It would be great to see what you have picked up sometime if you ever want to share it. 

725th pin.png



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