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1943 Saginaw Carbine

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18 minutes ago, BryanJ said:

Great rifles all!  Thanks for posting.  All you guys with these great unissued and correct rifles need to get busy and let us take a look.

Anyone wish to post their M1 Carbine that are correct go ahead love to see them!!!!

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1 hour ago, Bluehawk said:

Thank for that info on Saginaw, MI !

I worked there for 3 years, curator at their art museum. The GM plant closed during the time I was there...

Your welcome! I also had some help too from Silverplate.

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50 minutes ago, DaBomb said:

Now back to your regularly scheduled 1943 Saginaw carbine.


Thanks for posting. I love seeing original unmessed with flip sight carbines.

Boy is that nice, congrats!

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3 hours ago, lambo35 said:

DaBomb, your IP is VERY nice and very unique !!!!

spagg, your Saginaw would be a great addition to any collection.



Thanks Chuck. Yes the IP would be like finding Hen teeth!

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