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752 Railway Operating Battalion patch,NOT!

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This patch just sold on ebay for almost $700 and had numerous bids. I never saw this patch before or even heard of it but , the unit did exist however. Was sold by well known dealer but I believe he had incorrect ID, which may have helped in the bidding. Believe it is actually a variation of the 725th ROB which was in the CBI and also a very much sort after patch. The 752nd served in Germany not in the CBI. This variation is the first I have  ever seen, so well done by winner. Enclosed are the two patches for comparison and note the design is the same.






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I am glad you brought this patch up because I had been thinking of asking for your opinion on it and if you had ever seen one before. I cant believe it would be anything other then a 725th Railway battalion patch but the description made me laugh a little. I think he just made a mistake somehow, I bought a unique possibly hand made DUI from him that was "German made plastic" for a unit that never left the United States and was disbanded after the war. Kind of hard to have a german made pin for a stateside unit while we are at war with them so mistakes do happen. 

My concerns were about the patch itself such as why is it a circle when every other patch and the DUI are all a shield? The embroidery doesn't look bad to me but I am the furthest thing you can get to a patch expert so that means nothing. I am very interested to learn what you think. 


Edit: the thought occurred to me after writing this that maybe the patch is a very early example and was made after they decided the design but before they decided to have a shield shaped patch? 

725th description.png



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