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Interwar 1920-30’s pilots dress uniform

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A couple years ago I picked up a really nice inter war dress cap and Sam Browne belt at a local estate sale. They belonged to the same man. I have always wanted a pilots display from that period so I have been on the look out for a tunic. One came my way a couple weeks ago. Here is how the display turned out. The material on the hat matches the uniform perfectly and the leather in the hat is an exact match to the belt. I am pretty pleased. 



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By the way for some reason the hat looks big in the photo, kinda like those dogs with the fish eye lenses focused in their nose. Must have been the camera angle, doesn’t look that pronounced in “real life”. First time I have posted using shots from my phone, I am sure it was operator error! 

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Thanks guys, Salvage Sailor that thread is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I found it interesting that both the wool and cotton uniforms were being worn at the same time, and that the wool dress cap shown here was worn with the cotton khaki uniform. Makes more sense to me now why I bought this hat and a khaki uniform together. The variations in the wings are sure evident as well. Thanks again. When putting this together, I was initially surprised to find that they wore a white shirt and black tie with this uniform. Does anyone know if they wore a tan khaki shirt? Two of those were in the estate sale as well. 

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