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A very nice surprise

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So the week has sucked...I was out of work for three days with a back injury, and my "only $500" car repair suddenly ballooned to $1,465.00...but the Collecting Gods took pity upon me. I had gotten an  email earlier in the week from a man asking if we took donations of old newspapers and LIFE Magazines - Sure, these are always good to have on hand. So I stopped by last night to pick them up...



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So, while we're discussing how he came to have them, he casually asked "I've still got my Dad's Navy stuff from WWII. You probably wouldn't ant that would you? He was in the submarine service you know."




He ended up keeping a stack of photos, but he's making scans for us...in the meantime, here's the artifacts of QM2c(T) Gilson, crewmember of SS-393, the USS QUEENFISH. He served aboard her the entire time from commissioning to the end of WWII:



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Here's his discharge folder...note the miniature combat badge in the center...and a closeup of the same....



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There's no uniforms left...but he did save his Rate and sub badge...and there's a commemorative medal.



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Awesome , sub stuff is hard to come by. Sorry about your car.

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One of the photos being scanned is of the crew with their battle flag (I'll post that when I get it)...aaaand, he has the flag "somewhere" and it should be headed our way when he finds it. Oh, and there's also the comprehensive book of bios, which is loaded with info.


...and so it goes.


Mark sends


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  • 2 months later...

Hi Mark


Quick question if you still have this group handy...


If you hold the PUC citation up to the light, is it printed on watermarked paper?


Thanks Josh

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