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My Small Civil War Collection


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So over the course of this interminable pandemic I managed to get into civil war collecting. I found some great items that I thought you fine folks would appreciate

Pictured are

An 1854 Lorenz Rifle

The Lorenz was an Austrian rifle imported in high numbers by the union. Primarily issued to soldiers in the western theater. The most interesting part of this rifle is the replaced Harper’s Ferry lock plate. The lock plate is nearly indisputable proof that this rifle saw wartime service. Unfortunately the rifle is missing it's upper barrel band and ramrod. Despite that I absolutely love the rifle, as I feel it has so much character


A New Jersey Civil War Service medal

Issued in 1907. Named to private Henry DeWorth, who served in the 23rd NJ Infantry (nicknamed the yahoos for their unprofessional behavior) from 1861 to 63. DeWorth and his regiment took part in the Battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Salem Church. The 23rd volunteered for extended service in the Gettysburg campaign but mustered out before the climactic engagement.


An Ohio State Civil War Medal

Issued in 1866. Named to Thomas G. Adamson, Company I, 38th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The 38th OVI was present for many of the major engagements in the western theater. Including the battles of Stones River, Missionary Ridge. Adamson also took part in the Atlanta campaign and Sherman’s March to the Sea and subsequent Carolina Campaign. Interestingly the design on this one is reminiscent of the design of some Victorian English medals ( Crimean, and India General Service 1854)


A medal for veterans of the 124th New York (the Orange Blossoms)

Unlike the previous 2 this one is not named. However the 124th was such a great regiment that I couldn’t resist this one. The 124th served from 1862 to 1865 and was present at nearly all the Army of the Potomac’s major engagements. Including Gettysburg where the 124th (at this point part of 2nd Division, 3rd Corps) was credited with saving the Union army. This medal bears the likeness of Colonel Augustus Van Horne Ellis, commander of the regiment who was killed on July 2 at Gettysburg.


The last item is a corps badge for the 3rd Corps, 3rd Division: Army of the Potomac.

Would’ve have been sown on top of a forage cap, as shown in the last pic. The 124th New York was attached to the 3rd division until the Battle of Fredericksburg where 3rd corps was mauled before Marye’s Heights. Post Fredericksburg the 3rd division was consolidated into the 2nd Div, 3rd Corps. The division was reconstituted later in 1863. Going forward the 3rd Corps was commanded by professional lunatic Dan Sickles, infamous for his maneuvers at Gettysburg


Lastly the absolute highlight.

An honest to god, textbook original 1858 Union forage cap. The most common piece of Union headgear, often erroneously called a kepi. The cap displays some honest wear but retains the makers tag inside. There also signs of stitching on top of the cap. Perhaps a remnant of a corps badge.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.



And don't worry, the items are usually kept in a climate controlled space away from direct light, only took them out to get pictures. 














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Hey cylekostello.  Glad to see another Civil War collector on board. Great looking pieces , excellent research and a big thanks for posting. I really enjoy seeing other members collections.   Mike 

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Great collection. We seem to have something in common... 

I too prefer 'character' war used to mint never touched by human hands and Named pieces! Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks Mike and Andrew! I believe you guys advised me on my forage cap, can’t thank you enough!

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Very nice collection! Whenever I’m reading the history of the American Civil War or WWII it adds to my experience to be able look over at my humble collection and the see the pieces that were part of that history. It’ll be cool to see more ACW articles from you as I’m sure you’ll be adding more to your collection!








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On 8/23/2020 at 9:48 PM, Nack said:

Great stuff!  Love the cap.  Got to be a seriously huge size for the time.

For sure, original owner must have quite the noggin

On 8/23/2020 at 10:13 PM, sgtdorango said:

That cap is killer!....mike

Thank ya!

On 8/23/2020 at 9:43 PM, illinigander said:

Is the Austrian .54 or converted to .58?


Converted to.58!

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Thanks for that information cylekostello, it is always of interest to me.  A useless fact is that in the Midwest, Michigan troops tended to be issued .54 Austrians & Illinois troops the .58 Austrians.


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