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Is this US webbing in this helmet?


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I just got this helmet tonight and it has a strange liner.


The webbing looks US made the type seen in an early liner.


Am I wrong?






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Hey Pete...those parts and pieces look like they came out of one of those white US civic helmets. It's the German helmet that has my attention though.

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Doggie, that’s the same stuff I’m almost positive.


Thanks for posting that.


This liner is removable, you can see where it is tied to the liner band. 

I wonder if this liner was homemade or taken from some other helmet as it has male snaps in unneeded places.


The helmet is a plain M40 that someone, a long time ago, put two paper swases one on each side.


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My guess is a vet picked it up (either missing the leather or it was damaged and removed/fell out leaving only the outer ring) and rigged up a liner and 'markings' so his kid could play with it in the 50s. I picked one up recently with no liner and 2" foam padding glued to the inside to make it wearable. 

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