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Model 1910 Axe Carrier Mills 1911

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US Victory Museum

Kudos, Pep!


I was watching this, but chose not to bid.  You got it for a bargain.   As you know, the metal tubes only existed

until some time into 1912.   Do you have a pack display on which to mount it?   If so, post extra photos!


Your friend and fellow collector,


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I also have a Mills 1911 dated M1910 wire cutter carrier...and the plyers that go in it...marked US on both sides...



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Very nice Pep, I was watching that one too! I picked up the Mills canteen carrier, first aid pouch and a 1912 dated pick carrier.

The canteen carrier has the sleeve for the roller but the pick carrier doesn't.



Mills 1.jpeg

Mills 3.jpeg

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I sold my Mills canteen cover a few months ago.  It was not dated and I think the logo was on the left flap.

That cover did not have a US on it so I figured it was a civilian marketed one. It did have the steel hook in tube though.


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