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Help with pistol belt

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These both look like m1936 pistol belts... they only have one adjustment on the ends of the webbing.


The belt on top looks like a repro but not sure.

the eyelets are brass, the buckles are non-magnetic alloy and the keepers are steel - but they are flat and not raised. There is an ink stamping on the back of the snap... could be a manufactures name? Looks too new.


The belt on the bottom looks good... but is has no maker name or date, just a faint US stamping.


Could they both be considered authentic WWIi issue?


Thanks for looking.



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I would like to list these for sale in the forum but not sure if they are both wwii or not and don’t want to mislead anyone.


thanks for looking!

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I’m thinking of listing this belt with some other field equipment...


Any idea of whether or not it is a reproduction and what vintage?


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