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Pacific Helmet Stew - June 18 1945 Okinawa

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Reading through some of my notes of my great uncle's letters from the Pacific, I came across this M1 Helmet recipe.  My great uncle and a fellow Marine from his mortar squad made dinner for 15 of their fellow Marines that evening.


Hambergers and Helmet Stew



   - 1/2 helmet of water

   - 1 packet of bouillon powder

   - C ration of vegetables

   - Fresh cherry tomato

   - 2 cans of meatballs and spaghetti noodles

   - 1 can of ham and lima beans

   - 1 can chicken and vegetable soup

   - 1 can pork and beans

   - 1 can mean and beans

   - Boiled ten minutes over charcoal fire



   - Cooked hamburgers in tomato sauce



"We don't get to eat like that all of the time".


Also here is another note he wrote in the same letter.


"Sully was bit by a snake last night while we slept in a shack.  He was bit on the nose, good thing it wasn't poisonous.  The next night, we decided not to sleep in the shack again and it was hit by a shell that night.  Glad Sully was bit by that snake."






Thank you to all that have served our country and to your families that have sacrificed without your presence at home. Thank you to all that have given their lives for my freedom and to their families that suffer. May God bless you!

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