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questions about a first pattern 1963 Tropical Coat ( Jungle Jacket )

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These are recent reproductions that are flooding eBay, and from what others have mentioned to me, Facebook military for sale groups.  There's countless things wrong with these reproductions that I'm not sure it's wise to point out all the flaws as they may attempt to correct them in later versions.


Currently they appear to be making trousers and pants marked Medium Regular. I haven't seen these in person, but from talking to a friend who was sold one of these, the threads used aren't even 100% cotton thread.

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Neither original, nor an “incredibly good repro”, in my opinion.  I don’t like the fabric, color, buttons, or stitching honestly, but folks know these better than I do - and will likely be along soon.


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I sent this photo to the OP in a PM, but figure I would put it here for a warning to anyone who is thinking of buying these terrible repros (they have matching trousers, which are somehow worse than these jackets)


Compare this original to the closeup posted above and you should see multiple red flags immediately. 




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Heres a MINT pair of 1970's biggest size possible windproof DPM trousers I bought from Animal From Hell, look in the khaki shape next to the tag and SEE the RED 6. Now look at all these tropical tags ..... they have all be doctored the same fashion to fool folk into thinking they are period issue marking.


The second picture is a screen gran from his ebay page , that sold for $50 & $34 shipping.




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