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Japanese type 89 gun camera w/capture paper


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Just picked this up and it’s pretty neat.8bd33498949b52ef4cef2843252fb653.jpg







Missing the front sight post.



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I knew a guy who had one just like this- they make for an impressive display with the open transit chest.  That was the only one I have come across in person, I can’t imagine that many of them made it back as souvenirs.  Congratulations on a nice find!

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very nice! 



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When I was a kid in the 1950's I worked part time for a professional photographer. He used a Japanese aerial camera like this to shoot peoples homes and farms from the air.



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Wow! Finally. I was telling someone about one of these! My friends father was a Seabee in the Pacific in WWII. Among all the stuff he brought home was one of these!!!!! You just brought back a flood of memories. He had an Arisaka as well and a crate of ammo for it. He never shot it so one day at the behest of his spouse, he took the crate of ammo down to a local creek and dumped the rounds in. 

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