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Origination of the Troop Carrier Patch- a Drawing


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Hey guys!  I wanted to share this with you as I think you will find it pretty cool.  The Air Mobility Command Museum  received a paperwork donation that came from the estate of an AAF admin MSgt.  The twist to this was that this guy actually designed the Troop Carrier patch!  The paperwork included a character reference from a colonel for his OTS package that included a bullet that stated he indeed, designed the patch.  The attached drawing is probably the earliest rendering of the patch we have seen.  SO, now you know that one MSgt Roy Sper designed the patch and actually wrote the Ops Plans for the 9th Troop Carrier Command as well as designed a troop carrier aircraft that was submitted in 1943 that looked suspiciously like the C-119 .  I think it is pretty cool and some great patch history.  The guy was really sharp.




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This is great. Have a xmas card by him, saying his design was chosen. Signed Roy. Great to see his full name.




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Old Crow 1986

Well how about that!  The original drawing with the designer's name, documentation from a third party (the MSgt's commander) that Sper is the artist, and finally a Christmas card signed by Sper indicating that his design became the Army's design. It all has a certain "Tinker to Evers to Chance"  symmetry to it! 


Thanks to Teamski and marketc47 for turning this double play. 

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