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Is this a post WW2 era wrist compass?  The band is cloth.  It came in a group of items from a WW2 vet.


Thank you




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It is WWII, US Navy, Bureau of Aeronautics. 

Adopted as standard for optional pilots personal equipment in October 1944. This is of the earlier generation type made during the war with ink stamped stock number. Later production switched to an engraved type stock number. Used and intended as a Stand By Compass. Aircraft of the era had inherent issues with the variations compasses in and on the aircraft panel. Pilots often carried compasses in a readily available position for emergency navigation while in flight. Of course, it can also double as a survival compass. 

The WWII ones had the full name of Waltham on the dial. They still use this exact pattern of wrist compass today actually. Post WWII types just have W.C.C. on the dial, easy to differentiate. Also nylon or synthetic wrist strap.

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